Monday, September 27, 2010

Goal #55 - Try 5 New Types of Cheese

This weekend, I visited a cheese market with some friends where I had the pleasure of trying many delicious cheeses and crossing off a Day Zero goal! We went off our waiter’s recommendations since most of their selections were all Greek to us. Here is what we were able to try:

• Capriole Goat from Indiana – really delicious creamy cheese, similar to brie
• Prairie Breeze from Iowa – mild white cheddar
• Big Woods Blue from Minnesota – standard blue cheese, I am not a fan
• Crave Brothers Les Frere – garlic-y but very good
• Sheep Dairy Co Dante –this one was quite pungent and almost reminiscent of parmesan
• Saxon Evalon – reminiscent of swiss cheese
• Roth Kase Gruyere Surchoix – if you’ve never had Gruyere cheese, you must – light flavor reminiscent of white cheddar and brie combine
• Hook’s Ten Year Cheddar – mild, white cheddar

All platters were served with a light, flakey cracker, baguette slices and Wisconsin raspberry preserves. The Dutch way to eat cheese is to spread the preserves over the cheese on top of the cracker. I have to say it was delicious. We enjoyed these cheeses with Gougenheim Merlot from Argentina which had blackberry undertones and a nice, light Riesling by Mosel River from Germany.

It was such a great experience, I only wish I’d taken some pictures myself!

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  1. JQ, I love you.

    That sounds like one of the most amazing, most delicious experiences ever.

    CHEESE! :D

    -the Cheese Master

  2. JMP, I knew you would appreciate my cheese-y adventure. I was thinking of you!